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Telling The Stories Behind The Speed

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Digital Book Publishing
New Channel Media takes the ebook concept to a new level.
Giving your audience a fully immersive, interactive experience, when they want it, requires great content, superb design, and a detailed understanding of what your fans, sponsors, and customers want.
Everyone loves a story.  When told well, stories can be engaging and inspirational. Throughout human existence, stories have been told to engage an audience, share knowledge, and influence decisions.

With motor sport, the most frequent story is how a race was won or lost. If you want to capture attention, it is important to do two things - tell a better story, and deliver it in a better way.

Innovative technology allows you to give your fans and sponsors a fully immersive experience. With greater engagement comes greater awareness of who you are.

New Channel Media Digital Engagement
delivers all three, combining world-class photojournalism, video, audio, narrative, and reader input, with a passion for motor sport.

Your audience doesn’t just read your story - they get to experience it.

We have many years of combined experience in corporate marketing and communications, along with a deep understanding of what it takes to capture attention, create demand, and maintain loyalty.

Download our digital marketing brochure to get an idea of what we could create for you.

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